Jinx Lennon+Sophie Coyle @ The Tin Church

Jinx Lennon + Spohie Coyle at The Tin Church

Jinx Lennon punk folk singer and Sophie coyle alt folk singer join forces to create a memorable evening of songs at the magical Tin Church.


Jinx is a veteran of the Irish music scene that has been performing throughout Ireland ,UK and America these past few decades .He sings about songs about the headwreck of everday life and the insane world we live in .He was part of the arts/lives RTE series and performed on the Tommy tiernan tv show

“Except in the crucial sense that he understands class Lennon is not a protest singer.The rich horn in for a few lines,but mostly Lennon means to warn the local good guys about the bad guys waiting to fuck them up” – Bob Christgau, Rolling Stone / Village Voice

“Jinx Lennon is an unstoppable force of nature. With PET RENT, he has proven once again that, just when we think we know all the answers, it is time to change the questions” – Edwin Mc Fee, Hot Press Review of ”Pet Rent”


Sophie Coyle follows up the succes of her first album with her new alternative folk release ”Cuenivista”.This set of 11 original songs and two old Spanish ballads .It chronicles her voyages in South America and features a rich sounscape of musicians and the love of storytelling and melody coyle is known for

Coyle has a sharp knack for storytelling, bringing us on journeys across the world or into other realms, and these songs double up as fantastical and timeless fables. Whether she’s conjuring up magic or brewing up something darker, Coyle’s voice and narrative takes charge on the assertive Blame Me for the Storm.THE TICKET ,IRISH TIMES




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